BREAKING: Number of ISIS Terrorists Killed by MOAB is In, and It’s STUNNING


When President Trump learned that a large number of ISIS terrorists were hiding in a system of caves in Afghanistan, he knew what he had to do.

He had to become the first US president EVER to unleash the largest non-nuclear bomb in the world.

US forces dropped a MOAB, affectionally known as the “Mother Of All Bombs,” on Afghanistan last Thursday.

And the results were spectacular.

First of all, a huge number of ISIS terrorists were in the area. So even those who didn’t die witnessed the awesome destructive power of the US military.

And now we’re learning how many terrorists the MOAB actually killed.

Afghan officials report that at least 100 terrorist bodies were pulled from the ISIS caves.

And they said that number was likely to climb significantly as US and Afghan forces move into and secure the area.

That’s another reason for the MOAB’s success.

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The area was previously tightly held by ISIS. US forces had hit a brick wall trying to force the terrorists out of their subterranean stronghold.

Trump made the right call in unleashing the MOAB. It got the job done.

H/T Conservative Fighters

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