BREAKING: North Korea Prepares for Mass Evacuation Amid Threats From President Trump


Just as we should be taking threats from North Korea seriously, so, too, is Pyongyang taking seriously President Trump’s willingness to go to war.

It would seem the North Koreans have finally learned that they’re no longer dealing with a president like Barack Obama, who’s words and threats meant little.

So worried is North Korea that it recently conducted mass evacuation drills across the country in the event of an American (or possibly Chinese?) assault.

From the Daily Mail:

North Korea has conducted mass evacuation drills in towns across the country as possible ‘preparation for war,’ it was reported on Saturday.

Sources in the isolated Communist country reported that the rare drills were being conducted in ‘secondary and tertiary cities and towns’ over the course of the last week.

News of the drills, which included so-called ‘blackout’ exercises whereby whole towns would turn out all the lights at night time so as to avoid illuminating enemy targets, was first reported by NK News.

‘I have never heard of this type of training exercises before in North Korea, but am not surprised,’ Chun In-bum, a former South Korean military officer, said.

‘They must realize how serious the situation is.’

Now, as President Trump and Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis have cautioned, a full-scale American assault that would necessitate such an evacuation will only occur should North Korea make the mistake of firing a nuclear weapon.

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That they are now rehearsing such an evacuation could be a warnings sign that the North Koreans do, indeed, intend to use nuclear weapons against America and its allies.

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