BREAKING: North Korea Launches Missile; Trump Expected to Respond


The timing couldn’t have been worse.

Of course, maybe that was the point.

Despite all President Trump’s efforts, North Korea has remained defiantly provocative.

Just as Trump was pushing to resume denuclearization talks, Pyongyang over the weekend decided to test fire what it called a “new weapon.”

Korean Central News Agency confirmed that North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un had personally taken part in the test-firing of the new missile system.

The North Koreans insisted that the missile is designed for “conventional weapons,” but the timing couldn’t be more conspicuous.

Nor was it an isolated incident.

North Korea has test-fired five missiles over the past two weeks, a series of provocations seen as an angry response to regular annual US-South Korean military exercises currently taking place.

No doubt we’ll be hearing from Trump very soon regarding North Korea’s latest dangerous move.

Source: AFP

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