Breaking: North Korea Has Just Released Them All


According to reports on Wednesday, North KoreaAt President Trump’s Request, North Korea has reportedly released all of its U.S. Detainees.

As reported by

North Korea has freed three U.S. citizens detained for years in the communist country, bowing to another demand of President Trump ahead of his planned meeting with Kim Jong-un.

The three Americans — Kim Dong Chul, Kim Hak-song and Kim Sang Duk, also known as Tony Kim — were released from a North Korean labor camp and sent to Pyongyang for medical treatment, the Financial Times reported.

Though out of the brutal labor camp, the men remain in the grasp of Mr. Kim’s regime.

They currently are believed to be convalescing in a hotel outside Pyongyang.

“We believe that Mr. Trump can take them back on the day of the U.S.-North Korea summit, or he can send an envoy to take them back to the U.S. before the summit,” said Choi Sung-ryong, an activist pursuing release of North Korea’s political prisoners.

Can someone just give Trump the Nobel Peace Prize already? Is it even up for debate anymore? Who else could have achieved this!?

If you think President Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Price than please share and comment.

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