BREAKING: North Korea Detonates Nuke. Trump to Address the Nation


Americans waited anxiously for word from President Trump on Sunday after North Korea tested it’s largest nuclear device yet.

North Korean state media reported that its military had successfully tested a hydrogen or H-bomb with a 100 kiloton yield.

That claim was supported by seismic data revealing that an explosion resulting in 6.3 magnitude tremors had been conducted in North Korea.

The new warhead, the largest yet tested by North Korea, was reportedly designed to be fitted on the reclusive communist nation’s new Hwasong-14 intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

The Hwasong-14 can range most of the continental US. And with the new warhead, would be capable of destroying even the largest American city.

Assuming these powerful nuclear weapons are nearing field readiness, President Trump is quickly running out of time to deal with North Korea before it establishes an effective nuclear deterrent.

Source: Daily Caller

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