BREAKING: NJ Senator Booker Exposed Taking Money From Corrupt Senate Colleague!


New Jersey Democratic Senator Cory Booker has been exposed accepting $10,000 in donations from a PAC affiliated with New Jersey Democratic Senator Bob Menendez, who is now on trial in Federal court for corruption.

From Gotnews:

New Jersey Democratic Sen. Cory Booker accepted $10,000 in donations from the Bob Menendez-affiliated New Millennium PAC in 2014.

Booker attended Menendez’s bribery trial on Wednesday in Newark to sit up front to support his Democratic colleague.

If Menendez is convicted on any of these serious charges, will Booker return the cash?

GotNews editor-in-chief Charles Johnson revealed in 2013 Booker did not live in Newark or at any of the Newark residences he owned. Multiple neighbors who spoke to Johnson said they believed the junior senator actually lived in New York, calling Booker a “liar” and a “fake mayor.”

Fake news reporters smeared Johnson for years over his accurate reporting on both Booker and Menendez. Cat pornography site Buzzfeed claimed it received rent checks from Booker’s team, but refused to produce them. This didn’t stop fake news from running with Booker’s claim. Similarly, fake news media called Menendez sleeping with prostitutes “debunked” or false, even though it was verified as true by the FBI and Johnson obtained the evidence at great personal expense.

H/T: Gotnews

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