BREAKING: NFL Team Planning MAJOR Anthem Protest. This Is Happening NOW!


The Houston Texans reportedly discussed going “nuclear” in their protest of all things American during this week’s game against the Seattle Seahawks.

In addition to all the other things they’re whining about, the Texans were outraged after team owner Bob McNair used a common figure of speech that they decided to take literally.

The New York Post reports:

Bob McNair’s plea to calm the protests during the national anthem is about to majorly backfire.

The Texans are planning to protest as a team in the wake of their owner’s heated “inmates running the prison” remark, according to ESPN. Houston kicks off at 4:05 Eastern in Seattle.

The team held a players-only meeting Saturday to discuss what the statement would look like. Left tackle Duane Brown told ESPN that “up to 65 to 70 percent” of the team’s players could kneel; an initial idea to remove the team’s decals from their helmets has been shelved.

McNair, the team owner, ignited a firestorm after comments he made earlier this month during the players-owners meeting, in which he used a clumsy analogy that referred to the players as inmates, were made public.

As the owners, ever conscious of their wallets and the fact many fans prefer the players to stand during “The Star-Spangled Banner,” were conversing with the players, McNair said, “We can’t have the inmates running the prison.” The wording was troublesome, as was the underlying message that the owners must be the ones truly in charge.

Remove their helmet decals?! Are they serious?

The timing of McNair’s remark might have been ill-considered.

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Still, it’s a pretty common figure of speech with which nearly all Americans are familiar.

Using it as a basis for such childish protest is to blatantly take his words out of context.

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