Breaking News: Deplorables Gain Massive Win Over NFL


The NFL hasn’t been doing so well ever since Commissioner Roger Goodell was unable to control the National Anthem protests.

The league has been suffering in regards to public image as well as money coming in. The most recent numbers from the NFL’s broadcasts signal prove that the league is on its way to becoming a thing of the past in American culture.

Ratings have been steadily declining over the last few months, but things have gotten even worse for the organization recently which has marked a huge win for patriots.

Ratings for week 11 are in, and they just go to show that the NFL is on its last leg. The league has lost a million viewers since the same time last year. 

Those who tune into watch NFL games on television has dropped dramatically in week 11. 1 million viewers have been lost as compared to last year’s average. The 6.3 percent drop has worsened from comparable declines of 5.6 to 5.7 percent in the previous three weeks.

It’s worse than that too. Out of the 16 games for the week, only two saw an increase in ratings. The Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles game saw a 12 percent increase in viewers and the New Orleans Saints vs. the Washington Redskins saw a 10 percent increase.

The New York Post reported:

After starting 11.8 percent behind last year’s TV audience for NFL games in Week 1, league viewership had either held its own or narrowed the gap through Week 8.

The 6.3 percent shortfall in Week 11 reflects an average viewership of 14.9 million for the NFL’s 68 national telecasts this year versus 15.9 million for the season-to-date in 2016.

The league is also continuing to see thousands of empty stadium seats all across the United States.

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It’s plain as day to see that the decline in ratings and the negative reactions from fans is not just limited to a couple of NFL teams. The entire league is suffering immensely. Television networks who carry the games are now losing $500 million in revenue since the National Anthem protests have started.

BizPac Review reported:

The 6.3% drop represents $500 million in potential lost revenue for CBS, ESPN, Fox and NBC, Outkick reported. In the past three weeks, viewership plummeted about 5.7%, which means the cratering is accelerating.

Millions of football fans have turned off their TV sets and canceled their game tickets to protest the NFL’s disrespect of the national anthem.

Unemployed quarterback Colin Kaepernick launched the protests in August 2016, when he hijacked football games by refusing to stand for the national anthem.

Other players have since joined the protest, which has caused irreparable damage to the NFL’s popularity and brand. Fans disgusted by the injection of liberal politics into their leisure time have now boycotted the league in droves.

Claims have come about that professional sports in general (not just football) have been losing viewership due to all of the different ways people view their favorite sports media these days. The issue with this theory is that if this was true, the NFL wouldn’t be losing money while Major League Baseball is setting records for the highest revenue they’ve ever seen.

It’s great to see these guys finally fall on their swords. It is due to the fact that Americans aren’t going to simply stand by and allow multimillionaire athletes complain about injustice and inequality while disrespecting our country’s flag.

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