BREAKING NEWS ALERT: Police Thwart Major ISIS Terror Attack


Police have thwarted yet another terrorist attack by Muslim immigrants who had pledged themselves to the service of ISIS.

The terrorists had already mixed a highly volatile explosive material and were preparing to carry out a massacre when police uncovered their operation.

Police raided the terrorists’ hideout in the French town of Montpelier.

Officials said the size of the attack would have been at least as large and deadly as recent Islamic terrorist bombings in Paris and Brussels. Over the past two years, 250 people have been killed in France alone by Islamic terrorists.

The cell behind this latest plot was made up of three men and a 16-year-old girl.

At least one of the suspects had reportedly pledged allegiance to ISIS.

The Islamic State has acknowledged several times that it has slipped its agents into Europe and America amidst waves of Middle Eastern refugees.

The Federalist Papers

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