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BREAKING: Multiple People Confirmed Dead In Jet Plane Crash


A business jet headed from Las Vegas to Mexico has reportedly crashed in Northern Mexico killing at least 14 passengers.

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A business jet flying from Las Vegas has crashed in a mountainous area in northern Mexico, killing everyone on board, local officials say. At least 14 people are believed to have been on board.

The plane, a Bombardier Challenger 600, took off from McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas on Sunday afternoon. Contact was lost a few hours later when the plane was near Monclova in the northern state of Coahuila.

The wreckage was found on late Monday morning and there was no sign of survivors, according to officials. The exact number of passengers was not immediately clear, but local media said the aircraft was carrying at least 11 passengers and 3 crew members.

We’re working to gather more information.

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