BREAKING: Mueller Wants to Personally Testify, and It Could Help Trump Win in 2020


The Democrats had high hopes that Robert Mueller would use his appointment as special counsel to help remove our duly-elected president, Donald Trump.

Now, thanks to the Democratic leadership overdoing it, Mueller might actually end up helping Trump get elected to a second term!

In what can only be described as political theater, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and fellow Democrats last week tried their hardest to pain Attorney General Bill Barr as a criminal who was obstructing justice.

But what they forgot is that Mueller and Barr know each other, well, and respect one another.

Mueller was NOT amused by Pelosi’s antics against her friend, and is reportedly pushing to have his own testimony moved forward so he can set the record straight.

It’s still not certain whether or not Mueller will even testify, but the Dems who originally wanted him to have probably changed their minds.

If Mueller gets on the stand now and proceeds to dismantle Pelosi’s accusations against Barr, and by extension against Trump, he could all but sink any Democratic hope of winning the White House in 2020.

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Via The Federalist Papers

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