BREAKING: Michigan just demolished Hillary’s mourning party


Hillary’s pity party is over…

According to the Washington Examiner, The board voted 4-0 to certify the state’s election results Monday afternoon, and the final tally showed Trump with a total of 2,279,543 votes, while Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton got 2,268,839, a difference of just 10,704 votes.

President-elect Donald Trump has won Michigan’s 16 electoral votes.

The two-tenths of a percentage point margin out of nearly 4.8 million votes is the closest presidential race in Michigan in more than 75 years.

Trump’s win in Michigan gives the Republican 306 electoral votes to Democrat Hillary Clinton’s 232.

Trump is the first Republican presidential nominee to win Michigan since 1988.

Last week, the Michigan secretary of state posted vote counts certified at the county level from the contest that showed Trump with a 10,704 vote lead, but the count wasn’t official until Monday.

The state’s 4.8 million votes may soon be getting another look, following media reports of alleged hacking or tampering in three swing states, including Michigan, though there is no hard evidence of any tampering of the results.

Stein, with the support of Clinton, is leading a fundraising campaign to request recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. After raising millions of dollars, a recount is already underway in Wisconsin and Stein filed for another one in Pennsylvania on Monday.

Stein has until Wednesday to request a recount in Michigan, which is the deadline, but it may not be so easy as it was in the other two states. Under state law, Donald Trump is allowed to file objections to a recount request if a recount doesn’t happen automatically (triggered by a close vote differential of 2,000 or less), the Detroit Free Press reported.

If a recount were to happen, it would need to conclude by Dec. 19, when the Electoral College meets to officially cast votes for the presidential race.

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