Breaking: McCain Just Attempted Sabotage…


Senator John McCain has reportedly tried to sabotage the nomination of CIA Director Gina Haspel.

McCain is set on obstructing President Trump possibly more than even the Democrats.

Haspel has already faced a tough nomination day on the hill being grilled by lawmakers.

It really doesn’t look good for John McCain when he is getting in the way of the nomination of the first female CIA Director.

Haspel has already debunked the stories that she was for and administered torture.

As reported by

“I would not allow CIA to undertake activity that I thought was immoral — even if it was technically legal,” said Gina Haspel, the career CIA officer who is now nominated to lead the agency. It was one of many replies she gave on Wednesday to pointed questions about what her values and priorities would be as leader of America’s intelligence agency.

Haspel was questioned by both her critics and her backers, testifying under oath at a Senate intelligence committee hearing on her nomination.

Several senators pressed Haspel for details about her role in destroying tapes of CIA interrogations of a detainee — and whether she had been in favor of that step.

“I absolutely was an advocate” for destroying the tapes because of security concerns, Haspel said, if the act was found to be “conforming to U.S. law.”

What are your thoughts? Does John McCain need to quiet down? Is he really part of the Deep State?

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