Many are calling the victory of Emmanuel Macron in France’s presidential election an enormous tragedy that could mark the beginning of the end for the European power.

A number of experts have noted that it was not agreement with Macron’s positions that won him the votes of a majority of his countrymen.

Rather, it was displeasure with the brashness of his opponent, Marine Le Pen, even if most French did agree with the policies she advocated.

Most fateful for France will be the way Macron views unchecked Muslim immigration into the country, which has in recent years resulted in a series of devastating terrorist attacks.

As National Review noted:

Macron seems to have no understanding of why immigration is a source of tension, and, given his tendency to make claims such as that “there is no such thing as French culture,” he will be the perfect foil for the malcontents if the economy continues to stutter and the Islamist attacks continue to mount.

Indeed, during the campaign, Macron championed the type of “open borders” policy that has brought neighboring Germany to its knees.

Many French celebrated Macron’s victory because they couldn’t stomach someone they perceive as an extremist (Le Pen) in the presidential palace.

But also celebrating were the hordes of Muslim jihadists looking for a new way into the heart of Europe.

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