Breaking: Look Who Was Just Fired After Their “Trump Derangement” Outburst


USA Today has fired a columnist who went on a sick twitter rant which included an attack on the daughters of Trump ally Michael Caputo.

As reported by

USA has dropped columnist Cheri Jacobus after the the political strategist and frequent TV pundit insulted Republican consultant and Trump ally Michael Caputo’s daughters and suggested that they be used at “parties” by convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

“Our editors in the opinion section became aware of the tweet by freelance columnist Cheri Jacobus just after noon today,” a spokesperson for the company told TheWrap Thursday evening.

“An hour later after researching the issue, our editors let Jacobus know that she would no longer be writing for USA TODAY,” the spokesperson added. “We have asked her to remove the USA TODAY affiliation from her bio.”

In the original tweet from Thursday — which still remained live on Twitter at press time — Jacobus got personal with fellow Republican Caputo: “Are your daughters ugly like you? Or can Trump use them at the Epstein parties so they can survive when you’re broke, bitter, along and in prison for treason?”

Another one bites the dust? The left is seriously self imploding as Trump Derangement Syndrome spreads like wildfire.

Let’s see if anything happens to Whoopi Goldberg for her outburst against Judge Jeanine Pirro on Thursday.

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Goldberg got into a fight backstage with Pirro and said “F— you, get the f— out of this building.”

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