Breaking: Look What The Audience Did When DeNiro Said ‘F*** Trump”


Hollywood is so out of touch with reality, it doesn’t seem real.

Anti-Trump actor Robert DeNiro on Sunday said ““F*** Trump” twice and the audience gave him a standing ovation.

The actor Robert De Niro won a standing ovation at Sunday night’s Tony awards in New York for attacking the president.

As Deniro was introducing Bruce Springsteen ahead of his Tony Awards performance, the actor blurted F-Bombs at President Trump.

I am sick and tired of this Hollywood idiots



“I just want to say one thing — F*** Trump,” DeNiro said angrily. The crowd immediately roared in a huge standing ovation from the room. “It’s no longer down with Trump. It’s f*** Trump.”

CBS bleeped out DeNiro’s F-bombs, but Australia did not censor the word.

Please check people’s response on Twitter:

This is one is surely the best. The more they attack him, the more he wins! 🙂

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