Breaking: Lindsey Graham Is Donating $500,000 To Trump’s Legal Defense Fund


Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said he will donate $500,000 to President Trump‘s legal defense fund, and that the campaign will brief Senate Republicans about the election on Saturday.

Graham, during an interview with Fox News, defended Trump, and appeared to throw his support behind the president’s unsubstantiated claim of widespread fraud. 

“He helped Senate Republicans, we’re going to pick up House seats. … I’m going to donate $500,000 tonight to President Trump’s defense legal fund,” Graham said about the donation, which is expected to come out of his campaign account. 

But Graham’s comments come after Donald Trump Jr. appeared to call the GOP senator out for not tweeting in defense of the president, adding, “No one is surprised.”

Graham, during the interview with Fox News, mirrored Trump, saying that the “allegations of wrongdoing are earth shattering” and called Philadelphia “crooked as a snake.”

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