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Breaking: Julian Assange Out


Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange is getting booted out from the Ecuadorean Embassy in London and could be extradited into U.S. custody.

Wikileaks played a huge role into exposing the Democrats and the DNC, showing a great deal of shady business from the Clintons and how the DNC rigged the primaries against Bernie Sanders.

As reported by

(CNN) Julian Assange’s nearly six-year refuge at the Ecuadorian embassy in London is in danger, opening the WikiLeaks founder to arrest by British authorities and potential extradition to the US, multiple sources with knowledge tell CNN.

While Assange has in the past claimed his position in the embassy was under threat, sources say his current situation is “unusually bad” and that he could leave the embassy “any day now,” either because he will be forced out or made to feel so restricted that he might choose to leave on his own. His position there is “in jeopardy,” one source familiar with the matter said.

Assange’s exit from the embassy could open a new phase for US investigators eager to find out what he knows.

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