Breaking: Judge Tosses Out Trump Lawsuit Seeking To Halt Ballot Counting In Georgia


A Georgia judge threw out President Donald Trump and the Georgia GOP’s lawsuit seeking to halt the counting of ballots in the state Thursday.

Trump’s Georgia lawsuit was more specific than his challenges in other states, alleging that GOP poll watchers had witnessed an unidentified woman stack 53 absentee ballots that allegedly arrived to Chatham County after Election Day on top of a pile of absentee ballots that had arrived on or before Election Day.

The witnesses reportedly told the court they were not sure when the ballots had arrived, and Chatham County Superior Court Judge Adam Bass threw out the case, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Judge James Bass unceremoniously DENIES the Georgia GOP and Trump campaign’s request and dismisses the petition in Chatham County, in a sentence before the hearing abruptly adjourns.

The ruling came less than an hour after the Trump campaign initially received a partial win in its lawsuit seeking greater access… (Read more)

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