Breaking: Jim Acosta Interrupted the Historic Signing Ceremony! Look What He Shouted Out


CNN reporter, Jim Acosta has been known for his outbursts during Press Briefings but on Monday evening Acosta crossed the line.

In the middle of the historic signing ceremony between President Trump and Kim Jong Un, Acosta decided to shout questions at the President.

As reported by

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta, best known for his role as a provocateur in the press pool, interrupted the historic summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un by shouting questions at the president.

“Mr. President, did we agree to denuclearize?” Acosta shouted as Trump was signing a document.

Moments later, after Trump answered, Acosta shouted another question, asking, “Did you talk about Otto Warmbier, sir?”

That was not the only moment during the summit that Acosta made it about himself as he desperately sought attention.

Earlier in the day, Acosta yelled questions at Trump from a significant distance away, shouting, “Mr. President, how is the meeting going so far, sir? Any progress, Mr. President?”

After getting no response, Acosta continued, shouting, “Mr. Kim will you give up your nuclear weapons, sir?”

This is one of the more disgusting acts we have seen by a CNN reporter.

If you think Jim Acosta needs to be removed from the White House Press Pool please share and comment.


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