Breaking: JAPAN Sends WARSHIPS To Join US FLEET To Finish Off KIM JONG UN


Japan will join America to fight against North Korea.

North Korea has enemies surrounding its borders after causing global terror with its nuclear weapons program.

Kim Jong-un has threatened to nuke many of his neighbors and the US as the dastardly dictator flexes his muscles.

Japanese warships will be joining the Carl Vinson as Kim’s reign of terror faces collapse.A military source said: “Japan wants to dispatch several destroyers as the Carl Vinson enters the East China Sea.”The source added that he had direct knowledge of the military operation.

The hermit kingdom has already fired a Scud missile this month as part of a series of tests to ready their dreaded mid-range ICBM.

Dastardly dictator Kim Jong-un has indicated their next test is coming soon, and could coincide with the 105th birthday of North Korea’s founding presidentChinese military has also vowed to launch missile strikes on Kim’s nuclear facilities if he crosses the “bottom line”.

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