BREAKING: Ivanka Trump Suffers Vicious Attack in Broad Daylight


Frothy-mouthed liberals just can’t stand that Donald J. Trump is president of these United States, and they are continually taking it out on his family.

A prime target, of course, is Trump’s enormously capable daughter, Ivanka.

It’s quite easy to see why unhinged liberals would be jealous of Ivanka. She’s stunningly beautiful, sharp as a tack and now wields incredible power by virtue of her influence with the president.

But what really gets these goons is Ivanka’s humility, her approachability, and the fact that she really does care about making America great.

On Tuesday, Ivanka stepped out on that public stage her father so enjoys, Twitter, to deliver a heartfelt “thank you” to the men and women who won us our freedom.

She was immediately and mercilessly attacked by the most unpatriotic of Americans.

Sorry, Alison Palmer. You might not like it, but to a great many Americans (probably most, in fact) Ivanka Trump is both a leader and a dedicated public servant.

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And as for his father, well, take a look at what he’s accomplished in just three months, and then compare it to Obama’s “achievements” over eight years.

Yeah, no comparison.

There were many more like those, but you get the picture. Unhinged, deranged and caring more about their liberal agenda than our great nation.

Naturally, Ivanka got a lot of positive feedback, too.

H/T Independent Journal Review

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