BREAKING: Ivanka Made President Trump Do It


President Trump did a major about-face on Wednesday.

After weeks of blaming Democrats for a years-old policy instituted under Obama that separated children from illegal immigrant parents caught at the border, Trump unilaterally ended the practice.

Trump had previously said that he wanted to end the family separations, but was being prevented from actually changing the Obama-era law by the very same Democrats accusing him of being too brutal toward illegals.

On Wednesday, as the uproar reached fever-pitch, Trump said enough is enough, and signed an executive order officially ending the practice.

It was later revealed that the dramatic 180 was the result of pressure from the president’s daughter, Ivanka Trump.

“He mentioned that his daughter Ivanka had encouraged him to end this, and he said he does recognize that it needs to end and the images are painful and he’s looking for a legislative solution,” Representative Carlos Curbelo, a Republican of Florida, told reporters.

Indeed, Ivanka had taken it upon herself to phone several high-ranking reps on Capitol Hill to get behind the president’s efforts to change the law.

Via Times of Israel

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