BREAKING: It’s Over. They Just Killed It.


Well, that was short-lived.

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez had one overriding reason for wanting to be in Congress: to introduce a socialist overhaul of the American economy, starting with a ban on all fossil fuels.

On Tuesday, the US Senate overwhelming rejected AOC’s proposal.

All Republican senators, three Democrats and one Independent voted against the so-called “Green New Deal.” Forty-seven other Democrats simply voted “present.”

In other words, not a single senator voted in favor of AOC’s ridiculous scheme.

Some Democrats said the “present” votes were actually a protest against how the Republicans had ridiculed the bill. But that just didn’t seem to hold water. The reality more likely is that they understand how insane AOC and her proposed policies are, and don’t want their names anywhere near such legislation.

Even for those who are genuinely concerned about alleged climate change and global warming, the way AOC wants to handle the situation simply isn’t realistic. It would devastate the American economy in one fell swoop.

Fortunately, the Green New Deal appears to be dead, failing even to garner any Democratic votes.

Via Breitbart

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