Breaking: It’s Happening! The President Of Judicial Watch Has Just Confirmed What We All Suspected!


According to the President of Judicial Watch, 1.1 million illegals voted for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election.

Watch: reported: Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton says that around 1.1 million illegal aliens voted for Hillary Clinton in the last election and that voter fraud represents a “crisis” for the Republican Party going forward.

Asserting that illegal immigrants are voting in enough numbers to “change the outcome of elections,” FItton said that the number of illegal votes was somewhere in between the zero claimed by the Democrats and the 6 million figure claimed by Trump.

“By my estimation, we had about one and a half million illegal alien votes in the last election, 1.4 million by my guess,” said Fitton during a speech hosted by The Remembrance Project.

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