Breaking!! It Was John McCain All Along!


True Pundit has reported new evidence is available that implicates Sen. John McCain in colluding with the FBI and possibly the DNC to sabotage President Trump.

From True Pundit:

New evidence from court documents and intelligence sources combine to show the unthinkable: U.S. Senator John McCain colluded with the FBI and possibly the DNC to sandbag President Donald Trump, before and after the 2016 election.

And McCain is from the same political party as President Trump. Allegedly.

True Pundit broke a story weeks ago that ex-FBI chief James Comey’s FBI funded the bogus Trump dossier to the tune of $100K+ with the help of McCain who brokered the deal. The revelations the FBI paid for the dossier were also confirmed by Judicial Watch.

But now court documents and new source Intel raise suspicions that McCain may have chipped in financially with the FBI or privately funded the counterfeit research, either himself or through his shady foundation.

Regardless, the research firm of former spooks — Fusion GPS who commissioned the problematic report — could have been paid for the same report by the multiple entities:

– The FBI, through a black-budget fund as reported by True Pundit
– John McCain campaign coffers and connections
– McCain’s foundation: Arizona State University’s McCain Institute for International Leadership
– Hillary Clinton-backed campaign operatives who paid $1 million for the research

Rea dmore: (Link: truepundit.com)

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