Breaking: Israel Shoots Down Syrian Fighter Jet Fueling Fears of WWIII


Many people see it as inevitable that the Syrian civil war will spill over into Israel, and possibly lead to a full-scale Middle East war that could drag in the entire world.

Those who believe in the Bible say this has to happen, in accordance with various prophecies, some of which portend the thorough destruction of Damascus.

Incidents along Israel’s northern border with Syria suggest such a scenario might be closer than many realize.

Israeli military officials say a Syrian fighter jet penetrated two kilometers into Israeli airspace before being downed by Patriot missiles.

“Two Patriot missiles were fired at a Syrian Sukhoi-model fighter jet,” read an IDF statement. The plane crashed inside Syria.

It was later speculated that the IDF allowed the Syrian jet to penetrate so deeply due to initial concern that it was a Russian Air Force jet.

Syrian media claimed that the jet never entered Israeli airspace, and that it’s being shot down was a criminal act on Israel’s part.

The regime of Syrian dictator Bashar Assad has long accused Israel of aiding “terrorist” elements inside the country. Which is ironic, given that the Syrian government has for decades provided shelter and logistical support to Palestinian terror groups that regular carry out attacks inside Israel.

Source: Times of Israel

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