BREAKING: Islamist Forces Shoot Down American Aircraft. Here’s What We Know So Far…


Muslim jihadists are celebrating this week after a successful major attack on Americans, one of the few they’ve managed to pull off in recent years.

Mujahideen forces operating in northern Afghanistan reportedly shot down a MQ-9 Reaper drone used by the US military for both surveillance and missile strikes against remote jihadist hide-outs.

It is one of the most advanced (and expensive) weapons in the American arsenal, and is not an easy target to bring down.

The wreckage of the drone has reportedly been seized by the jihadists.

A similar drone was used last week to target a secret jihadist gathering where attacks on US forces and Afghani civilians was being planned.

At least 14 terrorists were killed in that strike.

But jihadists care little for their own losses. Meanwhile, downing a single American drone is likely to give them a new shot of morale that will keep the conflict raging for a good while longer.

Source: ZeroHedge

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