BREAKING: Iranian warship confronts US destroyer, gets SCARED THE HELL OFF


Iran’s insane regime is just itching to start a war with America. Sure, they’d lose. But that doesn’t matter to them, since it fits into their apocalyptic narrative.

The thing is, it’s easy to make grandiose statements about being willing to die. But the men actually being sent to fight US forces tend to get a little frightened when they realize they’re about to die.

That’s probably what the guys manning an Iranian fast attack boat felt when they were sent to confront a US destroyer in the Persian Gulf on Thursday.

The Iranians got about 1,000 yards from the USS Mahan, and were likely feeling pretty good about themselves.

And then the Mahan opened fire. Just warning shots, mind you, but it was more than enough to send the Iranians racing back to their shores with their tails between their legs.

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