Breaking: Iran Makes Huge Threat! Trump Was Right!


Secretary Mike Pompeo released a list of requirements for Iran to meet if a deal was to be met with the United States, following the U.S. pull out of the Iranian nuclear agreement.

Now Iran has released their own demands for the European Union to meet, threatening to resume their nuclear plan if the requirements are not met. Unfortunately, it looks like Trump was right about Iran, and made the correct decision for America.

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LONDON (Reuters) – Iran’s top leader set out a series of conditions on Wednesday for European powers if they want Tehran to stay in a nuclear deal after the U.S. exit, including steps to safeguard trade with Tehran and guarantee Iranian oil sales.

U.S. President Donald Trump pulled out earlier this month from the 2015 nuclear deal that lifted sanctions on Iran in exchange for curbs to its nuclear program, calling it deeply flawed. European powers see the international accord as the best chance of stopping Tehran developing a nuclear weapon and have intensified efforts to salvage it.

“European banks should safeguard trade with the Islamic Republic. We do not want to start a fight with these three countries (France, Germany and Britain) but we don’t trust them either,” Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said, issuing conditions for saving the nuclear pact on his website.

He also stipulated European powers must protect Iranian oil sales from U.S. plans to scuttle them by reimposing global sanctions on Tehran, and to continue buying Iranian crude.

He further said Britain, France and Germany must pledge they would not seek negotiations on Iran’s ballistic missile program and on its regional activities, both of which were not covered by the nuclear pact but are now demanded by Washington.

Khamenei said that over the past two years the United States “has repeatedly violated” the nuclear deal but the Europeans had remained silent. He asked Europe to “make up for that silence” and to “stand up against (new) U.S. sanctions.”

So now it was America that violated the nuclear deal, according to Iran. The odds of the United States and Iran working out a deal at this point seems slim. At least not until Iran gets serious, and agrees to actually adhere to their side of the agreement.

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