Breaking: Iran Just Threatened Trump


Iran just doesn’t get it. The Islamic Republic is playing with fire.

President Trump this week urged the world to stop buying Iranian oil as part of renewed sanctions, but he’ll go much further than that if Iran doesn’t back down.

But, instead of realizing when it’s beat, Iran is instead issuing threats against Trump.

Via Times of Israel:

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned Tuesday that regional oil supply could be jeopardized if the United States manages to convince its allies to stop buying Tehran’s oil.

“It would be meaningless that Iran cannot export its oil while others in the region can. Do this if you can and see the consequences,” he said according to an English-language report of his statements provided by Iran’s Press TV.

While Rouhani was purposefully vague in his remarks, pretty much everyone knew what he meant.

If America stifles the sale of Iranian oil, Iran will close the Strait of Hormuz and effectively cut off the flow of all oil from the Middle East.

What he’s failing to take into account, of course, is the massive US naval presence in the Persian Gulf, and the fact that America finally has a president who isn’t afraid to employ American firepower to protect American interests.

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