BREAKING: Illegal Immigrant Was Smuggling Drugs WHILE Being Paid Welfare By Obama


This latest news demonstrates precisely what was wrong with Obama’s lenient policies toward illegal immigrants, and why Trump is 100% RIGHT to go after them.

This women, an illegal immigrant, was smuggling $70,000 worth of drugs into the US every month (!) while essentially be paid by the Obama Administration to do so – she was getting food stamps to the tune of $900 a month.

As Fox News pointed out, it’s about more than just protecting our economy. It’s about the security of this nation.

Liberals are wrong when they attack Trump by saying he’s against immigrants.

America was built on the backs of immigrants, that much is true. But it was built on the backs of LEGAL IMMIGRANTS!

America will always welcome LEGAL immigrants, but must NOT fall into the trap of turning a blind eye to illegal immigration.

And this woman’s crimes show why.

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