Breaking: IG Report Finds Obama May Have Influenced Clinton Investigation


According to the newly released IG report, former president Barack Obama may have influenced the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server.

In October of 2015, Obama conducted an interview where he stated some very influential things about Clinton’s usage of the private server. FBI officials were concerned about the things Obama had said, as they could influence individuals working on the investigation, and influence the outcome of the investigation itself. The investigation was just getting underway, and Obama should not have been giving his opinion on the situation. Instead he should have remained silent, and let the investigation take its course.

Here’s what Obama said at the time while he was president:

Anyone can see Obama could have clearly been attempting to influence investigators.

Here’s what is stated in the IG Report:

Remember when James Comey accused Trump of trying to influence him to drop the Flynn investigation during a private meeting between the two? Remember how the Dems and anti-Trump crowd made such a huge deal out of it, saying the president deserved to be impeached for those actions? The difference here is that the Flynn investigation had been officially concluded, and that the investigation into Hillary Clinton had just began. Trump said he hoped Comey could just move on from the Flynn investigation. Obama said that Hillary had just made a mistake, and there was no reason to hold her responsible for anything because it was never a national security threat. Which scenario sounds more serious to you?

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