Breaking: IED Found In The Mailbox Of Bill And Hillary’s House


A suspicious package has been found near the home of ex-President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary in Chappaqua, in upstate New York. The device was reportedly in the mailbox, according to the New York Times, and it was identified during a routine screening.

Federal police are investigating the discovery alongside the Secret Service.

The FBI learned at 1am this morning that the bomb was similar to the one George Soros received.

No one was hurt in that case. It’s not clear if the cases, both in Westchester County, could be related. In Soros’ case, an employee noticed the package, put it in a wooded area and called police, who alerted the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms and Explosives.

Soros, a billionaire who made his fortune in hedge funds, has donated heavily to liberal causes.



Details to follow…

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