Breaking: ICE Director Goes After Rand Paul for Opposing Trump’s National Emergency


It’s not only Democrats that are in a tizzy over President Trump’s intention to declare a national emergency to get that border wall built.

Some Republicans are joining the choir and threatening to vote in favor of Democratic resolutions blocking Trump.

Chief among them is Sen. Rand Paul, whose vote could help the Democrats push their motion through the Republican-controlled Senate.

But Paul is facing a major backlash for opposing Trump, and for clearly not understanding the urgency of the situation.

None other than former Acting ICE Director Tom Homan publicly chastised Paul, saying:

“I respect Rand Paul but here’s where I think the issue is — is there a national security or not? But some of the Republican congressmen I hear, ‘Well we don’t want to do this because the Democrats’ president could do the same to us.’ They’ve already done it!

“President Barack Obama did it with DACA. He … went around Congress to give amnesty to 800,000 people and where was the anger there from the Democratic Party? They’ve already done it. I think playing nice is over.”

He’s absolutely right.

If we continue to tiptoe around such measures because a future Democratic president might take a similar approach, we won’t get anything done.

We elected Trump to make these kinds of drastic decisions and upset the status quo. Holdouts like Rand Paul need to get out of the way.

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