Breaking: House Overrules Dems & Passes Huge Deportation Bill


Finally  Congress is actually getting something done to Make America Great Again!  Finally some good news out of Washington, you are going to love this …

The bill was passed today, according to the Washington Examiner.

The Criminal Alien Gang Member Removal Act (HR 3697) passed in a 233-175 vote, and was backed largely by GOP lawmakers, and opposed by most Democrats. The legislation was introduced by Rep. Barbara Comstock. R-Va.

The bill would require illegal aliens to be detained and deported if police can prove that they are members of a street gang, such as MS-13.

“It will provide additional tools to law enforcement that will ensure that when [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] positively identifies a known alien gang member, they may act immediately,” Comstock said on the House floor. “We don’t have to wait until these brutal killers wield their machetes or leave another body on a children’s playground.”

Naturally, the Democrats opposed the bill because murderous, dangerous gang members don’t bother Democrats much.

Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif., an opponent of the bill, argued that the bill could have unintended consequences, including the potential targeting of religious groups who harbor illegal immigrants against deportation. She also warned that the Department of Homeland Security would have expanded authority to crack down on what the bill wrongfully allows to be thought of as a gang.

Now listen to how stupid Lofgren’s reasoning is…

“In one fell swoop, this could turn nuns into gang members,” Lofgren said.

Come on. Who can be so stupid as to imagine this would happen?

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Our children aren’t safe and this bill is IMPORTANT! do you agree?

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