BREAKING: House Judiciary Just Launch An All Out Investigation, Targeting Almost Everything Trump Related


Well, it looks like the “Russian Collusion” thing isn’t working, now the Dems are attacking from a different angle.

The Democrats from the House Judiciary said they have launched an investigation into President Trump, accusing him of obstruction of justice. Democrats plan to probe anything and everything associated with President Trump.

From NPR:

The House Judiciary Committee launched a broad investigation into President Donald Trump’s inner circle Monday, targeting figures who have worked in his administration and for the Trump Organization businesses.

The committee told reporters Monday that the investigation will focus on three primary issues: whether the president obstructed justice by interfering with criminal investigations; potential corruption such as violation of campaign and financial reporting laws, as well as possible misuse of office for personal gain; and abuses of power to include misuse of the pardon power and attacks on the press, judiciary and law enforcement agencies.

The subjects of Monday’s document requests include both longtime Trump allies and those in the broader universe of individuals and entities linked to Trump, his administration and his business dealings.

The panel has demanded documents from 81 individuals, entities and federal agencies, and given them a deadline of March 18 — just two weeks.

A committee counsel said that if document production negotiations with any particular subject were not fruitful, subpoenas could be issued within weeks of that deadline. The subpoenas could be issued if the House Judiciary Committee takes a vote to authorize them.

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