BREAKING: House Intel Committee Has Found FBI’s Andrew McCabe To Be Untruthful!


According to True Pundit, House sources are claiming the House Intel Committee believes FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe wasn’t being entirely truthful during his eight-hour hearing.

From Truthfeed: Whatever was said behind closed doors at the House Senate Intelligence Committee marathon hearing with FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe on Tuesday remains largely confidential, but sources said House members doubted much of the top FBI agent’s assertions.

“We have our sources too you know and they’re pretty damn good,” one House source said.

The source said McCabe’s answers during the eight-hour hearing to many questions and situations surrounding the FBI’s Hillary Clinton email investigation simply did not match material facts developed during the House investigation.

“I think his testimony created more questions,” the House source said. “I can’t go into all the issues but there are many areas where his (McCabe’s) answers felt disingenuous to put it nicely.”

The source said McCabe offered contradictory testimony related to the funding of the Dodgy Trump dossier.

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