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Breaking: He Shot First – It’s Now Confirmed


Liberal detractors of stronger border patrol took another hit this week when it was confirmed that a US Border Patrol agent shot and killed a man in a clear case of self defense.

Opponents of President Trump’s border policies are looking to push their agenda in many ways, one of which is smearing the US Border Patrol as a brutal and reckless government body.

And it looked like the killing of one Juan Daniel Jacques by agent Luis Chavez last month was a blatant case of just what liberals claim regarding the Border Patrol.

But, we’ve now learned that Jacques viciously attacked Chavez with a deadly weapon before finally being shot dead.

Via Breitbart:

Texas sheriff’s investigators say an attacker struck a Border Patrol agent multiple times with a metal object before the agent discharged his duty weapon. The off-duty agent shot and killed his attacker in an apparent case of self-defense.

El Paso County Sheriff’s Office officials say that 33-year-old Juan Daniel Jacques attacked off-duty U.S. Border Patrol agent Luis Chavez on January 14, 2018. The report from the sheriff’s office states that Jacques struck Chavez multiple times with a metal object, KFOX 14 reported. Chavez then pulled his duty weapon and fired multiple times striking Jacques who died from his wounds.

Investigators with the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit handled the investigation, the El Paso Times reported in January. A spokesman told the local newspaper the shooting did not involve Agent Chavez’ work as a Border Patrol agent.

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