Breaking: Georgia Just Put Illegal Immigrants on Notice, and Americans are Cheering


The great state of Georgia is about a week away from its gubernatorial election.

And, if Republican nominee Brian Kemp wins, illegal aliens in the state better beware.

In an interview with Breitbart News Radio, Kemp said he’ll work closely with President Trump to hunt down and expel illegals involved in criminal activity, and to make sure those types can’t so easily get back into Georgia in the future.

Kemp said:

“Illegal drug cartels that are here and also street gang violence are running rampant here in our state. People aren’t talking about it but I have talked to local prosecutors, local law enforcement, as well as state law enforcement officials about it. I’ve got two plans to track and deport criminal illegals, these drug cartel members and then also go after, stop, and dismantle street gangs.”

No doubt a lot of states plagued by illegal immigration would give just about anything right now to have a governor like Kemp.

Let’s hope Georgians get the right person into office.

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