Breaking: Fmr NSA Exec Tech Dir Has Evidence That Could Debunk Mueller’s Indictments!


Well, well, well…

Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team may have not been totally honest with the American People.

America Restored’s Executive Director Tomi Collins and Bill Binney former Tech Director of the NSA on Saturday, July 7th in Washington DC., discussed the alleged hacking by the Russians.

Binney, who has had 40 years of experience in the intel field, provided scientific data proving Guccifer2 Data is fraud and Russian hackers did not hack the DNC.

Binney said his examination of the alleged DNC hack showed the download rate of 49 mb per a second was too fast for a foreign entity to have. Binney stated the download came from a local source, possibly via a thumb drive.

Famed hacker and programmer, Kim Dotcom agreed with Binney’s findings.

“Must watch: Former NSA technical director debunks Mueller indictment against 12 Russians with scientific evidence. DNC files could not have been transferred over the Internet at a rate of 49mb per second. But a USB thumb drive (inside DNC) could do that,” Dotcom tweeted.

Judging from Binney’s statements, it’s likely the DNC hack was an inside job, not from foreign hackers.

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