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BREAKING: Florida’s Entire Prison System on Emergency Lockdown


Florida’s Department of Corrections has gone on RED ALERT in response to credible intelligence that certain groups of inmates across the state plan to instigate violent uprisings.

State officials did not say whether or not this is somehow connected to the wave of liberal violence gripping the rest of the nation, but one has to wonder.

From the Miami Herald:

All of Florida’s 97,000 state prison inmates are on lockdown — and will remain confined to their dorms at least through the weekend — in response to unspecified threats about potential rioting, officials from the Florida Department of Corrections confirmed Thursday.

All able-bodied officers, including new recruits, were ordered to report to work starting Thursday. Graduations have been postponed this weekend so that new officers can assist with staffing and help conduct searches for weapons and other contraband, FDC said. Probation officers, too, have been brought in.

Weekend visitations have been canceled at all 50 major institutions, including private prisons, youthful offender facilities, as well as annexes, work camps and re-entry centers. Juvenile facilities have not been affected.

It appears to be the first time in memory that the Florida prison system has been locked down for an indefinite period of time.

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