BREAKING: FBI Clears Trump in Russia ‘Scandal’, But CNN Keeps on LYING


CNN is giddily running with a story about how the Trump White House pressured the FBI to help it squash media reports about inappropriate connections with Russia.

The only problem is that it never happened. But don’t let that keep CNN from scoring major headline ratings. After all, they are FAKE NEWS.

In an effort to calm the storm that has arisen around this non-story, the White House revealed what really was said during a recent discussion between Trump’s chief of staff, Reince Priebus, and FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

In their brief talk, McCabe informed Priebus that the FBI has discovered that claims of ties between Trump advisors and Russian intelligence are completely false.

Priebus wondered how the White House could get the press to believe this, and McCabe said that unfortunately, the FBI couldn’t get too involved publicly.

That’s it.

The Daily Caller reports:

In the background briefing, the officials said that Priebus met with McCabe for five minutes after a 7:30 a.m. meeting at the White House on Feb. 15.

“I want you to know story in NYT is BS,” McCabe told Priebus, according to the senior White House officials.

Priebus then asked McCabe what could be done to respond publicly. He said he was “getting crushed” by the story.

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“What am I supposed to do?” Priebus asked, according to the White House.

McCabe called Priebus later in the day and said that the FBI was unable to say anything in response to the report.

“We’d love to help but we can’t get into the position of making statements on every story,” he said, according to the White House.

Priebus then asked McCabe if he could cite “senior intelligence officials” as saying that there was nothing to the New York Times report. McCabe said that he could, and Priebus did just that on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

It’s a total non-story.

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What IS a real story is the fact that the FBI has concluded Trump did NOT have inappropriate secret connections to the Russians.

But the mainstream media isn’t interested in that story…

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