BREAKING: Doug Jones Gets Last-Minute Celebrity Endorsement to Help Beat Roy Moore


Alabama’s special election for its vacant Senate seat is just hours away, and Doug Jones is pulling out all the stops to beat the controversial Judge Roy Moore.

That’s not going to be easy, given Moore’s sweeping popularity with grassroots conservatives who are sick of “politics as usual.”

The same folks who surprised the nation by putting Donald Trump in the White House are now determined to get Moore into the Senate.

Jones, the Republican establishment choice, is pulling out the big guns to help regain some ground as voters head to the polls.

Jones will host a “Get Out To Vote” rally on Tuesday alongside NBA legend Charles Barkley.

Some are calling this a cheap tactic to steal the black vote.

If it works, that could be crippling to Moore’s chances, given that the left-wing media has already successfully portrayed him as a racist.

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