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BREAKING: Dems Secret Meeting EXPOSED – Media Cover-Up CONFIRMED



Democrats have constantly been trying to demonize Russia over the past few months, as they want the world to believe that the superpower is the reason Donald Trump got elected.

However, not too long ago, Democrats felt the opposite way about Russia and were happy to work with it.

New reports have revealed that in 2015, 30 Democratic Senators secretly met with Russian and Chinese officials so that they could discuss Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran and quell concerns about it.

This meeting, which took place near Capitol Hill, also involved the Russian ambassador.

Such a meeting is far more tantalizing (in terms of backroom deals) than anything Attorney General Jeff Sessions or Jared Kushner have been accused of doing.

Put simply, the Democrats are the pot calling the kettle black.

Their background machinations wound up producing the disastrous Iran nuclear deal, which not only gave the terrorist regime millions of dollars, but also dropped charges, and did prisoner swaps involving Iranian arms dealers and criminals, via Politico.

Oh, by the way — Obama loyalist are still keeping some unclassified documents regarding the Iran deal secret, via Weekly Standard.

In 2015, Barack Obama (and other Democrats) willingly endangered American security by signing away millions of dollars to a government that gave up nothing in return. This same government is also responsible for thousands of American deaths, whether through their own special forces, or through their proxies, like Hezbollah.

Compare this with the accusation that Trump’s administration worked secretly with Russia. Even the wildest conspiracy theories say the sole aim of working with Russia would be to put an end to the Syrian Civil War.
Team Obama laid the groundwork for a civil war in the Middle East, between Tehran and Riyadh.

Team Trump may have laid the groundwork for peace in Syria.
There’s a big difference between these two, and this is exactly why we elected Donald Trump last year.

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