BREAKING: Democrats Invoke 25th Amendment to REMOVE Trump From Office


The Trump presidency has seen a lot of “firsts” for America.

Now we can add invoking the 25th Amendment to that list, as Democrats get desperate to remove Trump from office at any cost.

You’ve probably never heard of the 25th Amendment. That’s because it’s never before been invoked, and only very rarely even spoken of.

It was put on the books following the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and establishes a procedure for removing a sitting president should he be deemed incapacitated or otherwise unfit for office.

A growing number of Democratic members of Congress are talking about using the 25th Amendment to forces President Trump to undergo regular psychiatric evaluations with the aim of declaring him mentally ill.

“The 25th Amendment is there if the president becomes incapacitated,” Rep. Jackie Spier (D-CA) told CNN, demanding that President Trump “get a grip.”

Fellow California Democrat Rep. Karen Bass has started an online petition based on the 25th Amendment demanding psychiatric evaluations for the president.

This is the type of movement that could result in a culture of political witch hunts. If the other side can simply claim mental incapacitation any time they don’t like the president’s policies, then America is finished.

And if they don’t get that, then perhaps its Democrats who need a psychiatric evaluation.

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