Breaking: Data Orbital Estimates That Trump Is Inline To Carry Az


Data Orbital, a data analytics and survey research firm gives an update on Arizona ballots:

Gila: ~2300 Graham: ~1100 Greenlee 652 La Paz: 880 Maricopa: At least 250k Pima: ~92k Pinal: ~62k Santa Cruz: ~3k Yavapai: ~10k Yuma: ~19k

From azcentral.com

At least 400,000 ballots remained to be counted in Arizona after Election Day drew to a close, according to an Arizona Republic survey of country recorders across the state.

And the number is likely much higher, as The Republic was only able to get figures from nine of Arizona’s 15 counties, and not all were able to give a full tally of outstanding early and provisional ballots.

Provisional ballots are given to voters who can’t verify their ID at the polls or who received a mail-in ballot but decided to vote in person. Election officials must verify a voter’s registration before the provisional ballot is counted.

Maricopa County has 248,000 early ballots that arrived on Monday and Tuesday remaining to count, along with 10,000 provisional votes that were cast on Election Day.

However, Maricopa County officials could not estimate the number of early ballots that had been dropped off at polling places, which could increase the number of ballots left to count by another 100,000 to 200,000 on top of The Republic’s 400,000 estimate.

President Donald Trump, who trailed former Vice President Joe Biden in Arizona, said his campaign “has a lot of life” in Arizona.

“There were a lot of votes out there that we could get because we’re now just coming into what they call Trump Territory,” he said. “I don’t know what you call it, but these are friendly Trump voters.”

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Yet Trump, as he suggested many times before Election Day, also invoked the idea that any result other than a victory for him would be illegitimate.

“We did win this election,” he said from the White House early Wednesday, even as he trailed Biden in the number of electors already called.

Trump claimed he had won Georgia and North Carolina, states where hundreds of thousands of ballots had yet to be counted and no media organizations had called the race. He also pointed out that he was leading in Pennsylvania. Though more than a million ballots there remained to be tallied, Trump said he would seek court intervention and suggested the count there should be stopped.

“We’ll be going to the U. S. Supreme Court,” he said. “We want all voting to stop. We don’t want them to find any ballots at 4 o’clock in the morning and add them to the list.”

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All voting had already stopped and, as is the case in all elections, states are now counting ballots that came in before election deadlines.

Axios reported on Sunday that Trump had told confidants he planned to declare victory on Election Night if he appeared to be ahead.

Even as Trump was announcing court intervention to stop the prolonged counting, Arizona’s Republican Gov. Doug Ducey was calling for the opposite.

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