Breaking: CNN Crossed the Line Folks! This Needs To Get Out [Video]


A Media organization has just accused the President of the United States of rescuing the North Korean detainees simply to distract from the Mueller investigation and the Stormy Daniels case.

This is what we call fake news people. So this incredible rescue of these three prisoners has forever been tarnished by CNN media.

But it wasn’t only the media that went crazy when the hostages returned:

Former Bush speechwriter Marc Thiessen said New York Sen. Charles Schumer displayed “Trump derangement syndrome” when he criticized the way President Trump welcomed back three hostages formerly held by North Korea.

Schumer, the Senate minority leader, said America cannot be “fooled into giving the North Korean regime credit” for releasing hostages they never should have had to begin with.

He said Trump’s reaction to the three men’s return was “so troubling” when the president said they were treated “excellently” by dictator Kim Jong Un.


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