BREAKING: China Responds to Trump-Kim Summit


It was never going to really work without China.

Trump’s known that all along, which is why he spent a good part of the past year patching up relations between the Washington and Beijing.

But when it came to the actual summit in Singapore, China appeared to be absent.

That was likely because Trump fancies himself a master negotiator who doesn’t need a middleman getting in the way.

In fact, that very point was made by several Chinese commenters on a popular local blog.

Shortly after, the Chinese regime started censoring posts on that same website so that folks wouldn’t start getting the idea that Beijing’s role in the summit was somehow less than it was.

“No one will doubt the unique and important role played by China: a role which will continue,” insisted Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

The Chinese government also boasted that it had lent Kim the plane he used to reach Singapore.

China is no doubt interested in a deescalation of the situation on the Korean Peninsula, but is also very wary of being excluded from the process, and the glory.

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