BREAKING: China Invades Afghanistan, Begins Destroying ISIS


Pentagon officials have confirmed that Chinese forces entered Afghanistan and are carrying out operations to destroy ISIS there.

The development could very well lead to a confrontation with US forces in the country. Tensions are already high after Trump made clear he will not shun Taiwan during his presidency.

Breitbart reports:

China’s autonomous region of Xinjiang, home to the country’s largest concentration of its Muslim Uighur minority, borders Afghanistan.

Uighurs fighting with the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL), which has established a presence in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region, recently vowed to return to China and “shed blood like rivers” in an ISIS propaganda video.

China has entered Afghanistan to fight ISIS

In recent months, news reports from the communist country’s regional rival India have repeatedly claimed that Beijing has carried out military patrols inside its neighbor Afghanistan.

The stage is definitely being set for some kind of major showdown.

But countries like China and Russia better beware. Donald Trump is NOT Barack Obama. He won’t hesitate to unleash the full force of the US military to defend America and its allies.

Nor will he hesitate to cooperate with those dedicated to eradicating mutual threats like ISIS.

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